Mega Silver 3D

MegaSilver is  of the most difficult metals in the world, 'silver, red gold, green gold, white gold,titanium,palladium, steel and all the other metals' are one of the best  welding machines in the world.


 2020 Italian technology


MegaSilver has a ‘Smoot Spot’ feature


The real innovation in this machine is the new cavity which, inserted in the innovative ElettroLaser resonator,allows the generation of a special laser beam, qualitatively superior to any other lasers present on the market. Thanks to this laser beam, the shot becomes homogeneous and the energy is successfully distributed throughout the affected area, improving the weld penetration into the workpiece. This allows easier distribution of the filler material and a better surface finishing of the welding.


MegaSilver has special 'diamond rot' in it, it is % 50 stronger than the machines sold on the market and  all type of metals in a very comfortable welding


MegaSilver has dual cooling system, it has full-time operation capability


Record lamp life of up to 10 million shot,  at the same power from the first shot to the last shot


A large welding chamber, integrated webcam with display of the operations directly on the 7” LCD display, WI-FI connection for entry of the machine in a network, or parametrization of the machine by remote control complete this picture of an innovative welding laser.

Available with energy of 210 Joule is indicated both for small goldsmith laboratories and for the industry.


MegaSilver has a Special Production '3D cobra head' and 'built-in camera', you can use it as you wish.


Due to Special Production '3D cobra head', you can do long-term tireless work.


ELETTROLASER, the leader in laser!