Unquestionably the ideal laser for cutting and marking, thanks to the use of ytterbium-doped fiber optics with low environmental impact and low maintenance (up to 150,000 hours of operation).

Fiberlux PRO has IPG laser technology.(made in germany), Fiberlux PRO is 50% stronger than other machines.

Easier to use with special production display screen more accurate result for more convenient recognition of mine and more precise models


It can be used to mark objects of any metal, engrave photographs, logos, trademarks and texts with a maximum size of the marking area of 180x180 mm and with resolutions as high as 20 μm.

The machine is small, with readily accessible working chamber thanks to the hatch that opens on 3 sides.


The FiberLUX family of lasers now offers a power range from 20 W,30 W, 50W  and 100 W, to cover all your production needs.

Equipped with a motor-driven Z-axis with movement resolution of 0.01 mm, and an innovative, user-friendly focus system with overlapping pointers, it can also be equipped with an internal videocam inside the laser chamber, for optimization of processing and possible remote assistance.

FiberLUX is supplied complete with software capable of importing files from the most well-known computer-design programs currently in existence (svg, dxf, bmp, plt, jpg, dwg, etc.), and is also equipped with specific cutting software Made by ElettroLaser.

Every machine can be equipped with a range of options such as: high precision rotating axis system, electro-pneumatic plate driver, exhaust fan, clamp for blocking pieces, movable in the X and Y axes, and a system of pneumatic hatch opening.



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